Project Status

  The initial Multi-purpose Facility Project design, schematics, planning, promotion and administrative tasks were accomplished through grassroots funding during the period October 2001 through August 2008.

  This project is to be administered through a Memorandum of Agreement between the Village of Chama, owner of the property, and the High Country Horsemen's Association, Inc. (HCHA), a grass roots non-profit organization. This project is widely supported by the residents of the valley communities of Canjillon, Cebolla, Chama, Dulce, Ensenda, Espanola, La Puente, Los Brazos, Los Ojos, Rutheron and Tierra Amarilla.

  During the 2005/2006 legislative session, the State of New Mexico legislature funded $275,000 for architectural and engineering services for the first phase of this project, through the Village of Chama as fiscal agent. The 2008 Legislative session funded an additional $75,000 for Construction. The Village of Chama will lease the necessary land, support the HCHA in a capacity deemed necessary to get this project completed and act as a fiscal agent for this project when required by law.

  In September 2006, a contract was made with, "Duty & Germanas", Architects to develop a Construction Program, Schematic Drawings, Engineering Blue Prints and assist with the acquiring funds and Construction requirements of the project.  The current legislative request is $6 million for the construction of the project.

   In conjunction with the Village of Chama, HCHA is actively seeking funding from a wide variety of private and public sources for the facility and for administrative and youth program funding. Working with over 200 regional businesses and individuals the project receives ongoing assistance with goods, services and advertising. Partnerships with the following agencies have been established: Village of Chama, HCHA, Chama Valley Independent School District, Northern New Mexico ENLACE, the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Rio Arriba County Extension & 4-H, and the 21st Century Program.

                                                                                                                                                                   Benefits of the projects

The facility offers increased economic opportunities for local families and merchants throughout the year by increasing the base of economic activity for hotels, motels, lodges, restaurants, and stores through planning events. The impact of the project would further provide employment opportunities at other various establishments.
With increased sales for various services, the Village of Chama and Rio Arriba County benefits from additional gross receipts income to assist in supporting infrastructure for the Village's residents and its visitors.
This project engages local youth during their early childhood and high school education. It opens broader opportunities for youth to stay in a thriving rural community.
The Service Learning component of the project provides job skills, life skills and academic achievement training programs for low and moderate-income individuals.
The Center can be utilized as an Emergency Activation Center.
The project supports Economic Development for the northern portion of Rio Arriba County.
This project can have a lasting impact on the community, including strengthening school-community collaborations.